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With a range of six colours & four sizes these stunning high grade poly silk tai chi & wushu uniforms have been hand tailored to exceptional standards of quality and comfort. All of our uniforms are in stock, ready to be shipped direct to your door. For school / large orders, discounts are available so contact us for more details. If you are unsure of the size that will best suit your needs then please contact us so we can give you more specific size information.

TaiChiWear delivers the best quality tai chi / wushu / martial art uniforms at affordable prices. We have sold uniforms to members of national wushu & taichi teams throughout the globe. Many of our uniforms have been purchased by renowed teachers and students competing at world and international level. All uniforms have been hand tailored, not mass produced, so you are guarenteed a quality product. Visit our store today!

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Demonstrating in the Chinese new year festivities 2014? Send us your images of you wearing your TaiChiWear uniforms.