About Us

For over 20 years I trained in Chinese Martial Arts (Wu Shu). Many of these years were also taken up by traveling the world training & competing in World / European championships as part of the British Wushu Team. After many years of punishing training & sacrifice one of the highlights at a competition or demonstration was to put on the high grade poly silk uniforms to demonstrate or to compete.

However, finding good quality high grade poly silks often meant having to borrow ones, wear tight or loose hand-me-downs or even trying to get a uniform tailored in the far east, fine if the competition was in the same area of the world. All of which would give you different and varied results and for me anyway China wasn't just a bus stop away!

The accumalation of years of training into a few minutes performance. You want to, at that moment feel that you are in the best physical and mental shape of your life, the uniform was and still is for current athletes an important part of that 'feel good factor'. When you've been on the mat in front of thousands of spectators and TV crews you'll know what I'm saying.

From speaking to other Wushu Athletes / Taiji competitors and from being disappointed with the quality of other uniforms I'd purchased in China, the internet, and other areas of the far east, I decided to set about producing a uniform that I would be worthy of the sweat & toil athletes go through to reach such competitions and one that I was 100% totally satisfied with.

The uniforms we've currently in stock are hand made, tailored to our individual specifications. You cannot buy uniforms of this quality from China or any other part of the world. These uniforms are unique to TaiChiWear.com and not sold to or through any third parties. I know you'll be impressed when you see the quality of these uniforms, and we've taken great care to provide a product which is unique and goes that little bit extra.

  • Each uniform is handmade to our high specifications, expertly tailored to International Wushu & Taijiquan standards.
  • High quality high grade poly silk that will not fade or streak.
  • *Fully lined uniforms with high quality piping and high quality Chinese toggle buttons / fastenings.
  • More material than a normal uniform is used to eliminate a seam which is often down the back / spine of the jacket
  • Trousers have double elasticated waistband with and additional drawstring to provide comfort and a secure fit, no more butterfly kicks with trousers around your ankles! I've seen it happen!
  • Will ship to UK, Europe and Worldwide destinations

*Please Note: The white uniforms have no lining, but feature all of the other specifications.


6th European Wushu Championships – Rome 1996

R-L: Andrew Hopkins, Simon Watson, Chew Yeen Lawes - Great Britain Wushu & Taiji Team Members